Sunday, September 1, 2013

Proudly Indian in the USA? Support Anna Hazare's anti-corruption drive in India!

Acclaimed social activist Anna Hazare is currently on a US tour. He not just led the Indian Independence Day parade in New York City this month but also visited many other places in the US.

Anna, who is a former soldier in the Indian Army is well-known and respected for his Gandhian ideals and is now synonymous with rural development and anti-corruption movement in India.

While in New York City, Anna also rang the opening bell at the Nasdaq stock exchange.

Though Anna did not interact much with the media, he created awareness on his stand on anti-corruption drive in India and a strong commitment to see through the implementation of the Lokpal bill in the country.

Indians in the US who have always been actively interested in the political activities in India, reaffirmed their support for the anti-corruption drive in the nation and to contribute to it with whatever means that they can.

When being asked how people can help Anna in his mission, he said that the NRIs should spread the message of anti-corruption movement on social networks and by aiding the movement with technological support that they have access to while being in the US.

Giving a glimpse of his own philosophy, Anna said, 'I have zero bank balance. I live in a temple. All that I have is one small room, a bed and a plate. I am 75 years old, have no high blood pressure, or diabetes or anything else. I never married, so instead of a family of four, a billion plus Indians are my family!' salutes Anna's efforts. Are you a proud Indian living in the USA? How do you think you can support Anna in his mission?