Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Get !

"What's in a name?", asked Shakespeare.

"Pride", we say.

It took years of blood, toil and sweat to finally breathe in a free nation. A country which we can call our own. A country which stands tall after years of impoverishment during foreign rule.

Though we have come a long way since our independence, Indians continue to cherish the pride of belonging to a free country, no matter where we live. Whether we are Punjabis, Gujaratis, Bengalis, Marathis or Tamilians, in certain ways we remain distinctly Desis.  So goes the saying “One can take an Indian out of India but not India out of an Indian!”

In the same vein, the ZEE Group has launched in the US catering to the South Asian digital consumer, which provides you an opportunity to get email address for FREE! Not only does email offers exciting features such as larger file sizes, more storage and other time saving features but caters to your daily need of news and email through a single portal. is the ultimate platform for everything Desi - latest news on Indian business, Indian politics, Bollywood, sports, technology and more and is easily accessible on your desktop, tablet or smart phone.

Cherish the pride of being an Indian, get your email today. Jai Hind!